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Oculus Go: Opening application from the browser

Hellou all!
Has anyone found a sure-fire way of launching an application from the browser using BROWSABLE-intents? Neither custom URL-schemes nor http(s) with a specified domain seem to work. Using intent:// and trying to activate the application directly also fails. I've managed to get them to work on pretty much anywhere with an Android OS but Oculus Go is still trying to hamper my efforts. It's possible to tickle the event and launch the desired application through adb-shell which is of course expected but not really helpful.

Looking at the logs, it seems that the browser is just blocking any attempts to launch anything that isn't a website:
08-29 16:08:15.678  4408  4408 I chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(0)] "Navigation is blocked: testscheme://testdomain/path/file.ext", source: http://example.com/foo/bar.html

Also, opening the browser from Unity application would be really useful for ie. authentication use-cases. Of course this would also need a return path to the application...

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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