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Oculus Go Audio Problem - Delay, Offset, Asynchronous

jan.raiberjan.raiber Posts: 1
Hi, can anybody help?
I'd like to show VR-Videos we produced to our clients, but the audio is delayed in the oculus go gallery.
We made 4096*4096 29,97fps mp4 h265 with ambisonics spatial audio aac.
We need stereoscopic and spatial audio. The only player with spatial audio is the samsung player, which have ugly flickering (maybe only a refresh-rate of 30Fps). The best looking player is indeed the native OculusGallery but with a delay which seems to not be fixed, it extends over time, so I cannot adjust it before exporting.
I'm happy for all helping suggestions.


  • koeniglichkoeniglich Posts: 1
    hi, i have the same problem. i tested it with several codecs and framerates, there seems to be a audio delay of more or less 200ms. it sucks... did you find a solution? thanks! 
  • thomasmaddensthomasmaddens Posts: 1
    Same here! Tried a bunch of different audio and video codecs. Nothing helped,.
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