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Test and Balance my VR Game

QuestengineQuestengine Posts: 2
tldr;  Free Game BETA.  No ads or anything.  You can play it and have fun, or you can dig into the config files and be a part of balance and design.

Built with Unity, requires Rift and Touch controllers. You're in a space ship cockpit.  You fire missiles and ammo toward the aliens, recover the loot and scrap they drop, then use those resources to manage cooling, power and create more missiles and ammo.  I've built the whole thing but I need help testing and balancing.  How quickly should guns overheat?  How efficiently does recovered scrap refine into new missiles or ammo?  There's several systems that interact, and balancing them can be very rewarding.  There's lots of info at my word press site where you can also of course get the demo.  I hope you'll have a look and give me some feedback. I fully intend to get this on the Oculus Store eventually.

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