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Asset download notification

InpuInpu Posts: 54 Oculus Start Member
edited September 2018 in Platform SDK Development

Using the Platform SDK, I'm listening to "MessageWithAssetFileDownloadUpdate"  messages to display a progressbar and act upon completion (using the "Completed" boolean).

However, I've noticed that sometimes for a file, I'm not getting the last "MessageWithAssetFileDownloadUpdate" message where "Completed" is true, but I'm getting one where "Completed" is false and BytesTransferred is equal to BytesTotal.

Is this a known issue ?

Thanks !

(Unity v2018.1.0f2, Oculus Utilities v1.27.0, OVRPlugin v1.27.0, SDK v1.30.0, Oculus Go)


  • InpuInpu Posts: 54 Oculus Start Member
    Still no feedback from the dev team about this issue. Do you have more information for me @imperativity ?
  • InpuInpu Posts: 54 Oculus Start Member
    For those having the issue, it seems the bug has been identified and a fix is in the work. No ETA yet, hopefully soon !
  • InpuInpu Posts: 54 Oculus Start Member
    Another update : still no ETA, but the dev are actively working on it, hopefully it'll get fixed soon.
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