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Failed App Review : VRC.Mobile.Functional.1 + VRC.Mobile.Security.2

GRADGRGRADGR Posts: 41 Oculus Start Member

It's my 2nd try for submission and i get the same Results for Oculus GO + Gear VR, am using UE4 4.20.2 Binary. I ve put a ticket before days, but couldnt get in touch.

Progression Blocker: Shorty after boot, the user is taken to the main menu. After approximately 2-3 seconds, the app automatically exits.

Your app is asking for excessive user permissions or using user permissions inappropriately. -Access to Storage (Modify or delete the contents of your shared storage, read the contents of your shared storage) -Other (Full network access, view network connections, prevent devices from sleeping, view WiFi connections) Please remove all unnecessary permissions. If your app requires any of the permissions listed above please explain in detail why your app needs the permission in order to function.

For #1 : my guess is AppID entitlement check, because i run Entitlement Check on 2-3 secs, which on FAIL will force app quit, ( as oculus suggests)
here is my configuration, can someone help? ( I've made a mistake having 2 "=" on my androidengine.ini , maybe that was it? ) , do i need any other .ini setup? )

For #2 : am using Local saving ue4 system, so there it comes i guess for storage permissions, which are required for game. As for other permissions those are required for player to submit scores over online scoreboard. Should i just Comment my Permission Purposes on my next Build for Preview or i can't do anything about it?

Thank you!

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