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Request to Oculus: Per-SDK documentation search

mccmcc Posts: 24
Brain Burst
I have a small problem, and this has made me realize a large problem with the Oculus website and documentation.

My small problem is that I need to know how to get the screen size when using the Oculus C++ mobile SDK. I think, I will look in the documentation. I look at the Mobile SDK Documentation and the Mobile Reference Guide. But: Both of these guides are very large, with many sub-pages. I cannot look through them all.

There is a "search" button at the top of the site. But it searches the entire site— every guide, for every platform, plus the entire forum. If I search for "screen size" or "width" it will hit too much stuff to be useful. (In fact if I search for "screen size" I find how to get the screen size when using Unity on Desktop. But not C++ on Mobile.)

I have a request: There should be a way to limit a search on the Oculus website to just a part of the site (Say, a single subtree of the "outline" sections with the > V icons in the left side bar), or just to a single guide. It is possible to search within a single category of the forum, but not a single part of the website…

(It might? also solve my problem if I could somehow download individual guides. If I could download for example the Mobile Reference Guide I could maybe? use an offline program such as grep to search within i. But there does not seem to be a download.)


  • mccmcc Posts: 24
    Brain Burst
    Note, I posted a forum thread about my "small problem" with screen sizes, but the search thing is still a problem that will come up again.
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