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Unity not recognizing tokens for device strings?

I have a project that was built from the ground up with just Unity + Leap Motion, now I'm looking into adding multiple options for controllers, like Oculus Touch and, just for testing, keyboard. I took a look at the Leap Interaction Engine module and it seems to be what I need. 

However, I can't even get the basics down and run Leap's example scenes because Unity won't recognize the controllers. I double-checked the controllers were recognized by the system as the device strings "Oculus Touch - Left" and "Oculus Touch - Right" (since one of the components of their plug-in requires you specify the VR controller token(s)). I even followed this tutorial (since I am also using SteamVR) and couldn't get past the first step. Here is what the console.Debug says: 

Actually, forget the leap-related stuff and focus on Unity and SteamVR (I just mentioned Leap in case it could be the issue and someone here knew). How can I debug and fix this? I console-logged the device names, so I know it's "Oculus" and not "OpenVR".


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