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How can I NOT Use Oculus?

myBadStudiosmyBadStudios Posts: 20
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edited October 2018 in General Development
I am building an app that is supposed to be released on the Vive, Rift, Windows MR, GearVR, Daydream and cardboard for iOS and Android. I.e. 3 different Android platforms... but as soon as I have the Oculus SDK installed in my project and build for Android the app demands that I insert my phone into the GearVR headset even though I have only "Daydream" and "None" selected as the XR options in Unity!!! :O 

Are we REALLY supposed to run Daydream apps inside of the GearVR headset? I think not. Yet, just HAVING the SDK in there so that we can change the supported devices in the XR settings and then build again.... that doesn't work. As long as the SDK is installed it will demand the use of the gear VR and thus it forces us to have duplicate projects and duplicate all our work across multiple projects just so we can have Oculus and non-Oculus versions of the app. 

What's the deal? How do I NOT require the GearVR for Daydream games? Why is it even demanding the GearVR when there is no support for Oculus added to the supported devices list in the XR settings tab? 

How do I build for Daydream with the Oculus SDK present in my project?


  • myBadStudiosmyBadStudios Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    I actually found a working solution that will stop working in 2018.3 but still good for now.

    Simply DONT install the Oculus SDK manually. Problem solved. By using the built in Oculus SDK inside of Unity you can simply remove Oculus from the supported devices list and voila...everything works as expected. Again, this does NOT work if one downloads the SDK from here and install it manually into their Unity project. 

    By using the built in SDK only, adding/removing Pculus from the list will either include the SDK into the build or not at all...thus, problem solved :)
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