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Can see the a whole VR screen though Rift Headset, but lost Touch control

TrevorSunTrevorSun Posts: 9
Hi team
Sorry have to bother. I am quite new in Oculus integrated in Unity3d development, I have a problem that 'Oculus Touch Controllers' can not control when my app start.
I can see the a whole VR screen though Rift Headset, but when i press the button in the Touch, nothing happens.

What i have done is installed the latest version of Unity 2018.2.10f1, and integrated with Oculus from Unity Assertstore
and update Oculus to 1.29.
By reference Unity and oculus official doc, i have add OVRCameraRig object and remove the original camera.
and called OVRInput.Update() method at the beginning of original update() method in the script.

My code basically like:
       if (OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.One)) {
       } else if (OVRInput.GetDown(OVRInput.Button.PrimaryIndexTrigger)) {
And i put it in Update method and assign the script to OVRCameraRig.

I dev the app in mac, then build and run it in windows.

One thing i have notice is from Oculus doc(below), there should have one MonoBehaviour called 'OVRManager':
Which have the status member OVRInput which should related to the controllar.
But i can not find 'OVRManager' in the assert i downloaded (only script but no frefab).
Not sure if this is the reason.
If yes, how can i get the 'OVRManager' which not exist in official download form Unity and Oculus......

Sincerely thanks if you can help.


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 999
    I believe the ovr rig prefab should have ovrManager as an attached component so just drag and drop that prefab into the scene and it should work. 

    To actually see hands/controllers you need an avatar component on your gameobject or you can attach your own hands as child objects of the left and right hand anchors inside the camera rig prefab. 

    The easiest way to get going with the stock assets is to use one of the avatar prefabs found in the social starter examples contained within the asset pack youve downloaded
  • TrevorSunTrevorSun Posts: 9
    Sincerely thanks so much for your comment.
    I will try the drag and drop ovrManager soon (can not catch Oculus recently) and give you update.
    Yes, i found many notes about using avatar to see hands/controllers in the headset, but what i want to do is just using joystick to move the camera and trigger some action.
    BTW, i found other not (as below), it looks like some bug in oculus 1.29 and not complete fixed yet.
  • TrevorSunTrevorSun Posts: 9
    There have no ovrManager prefab in my assert, but only ovrManager script...... 
  • TrevorSunTrevorSun Posts: 9
    I believe the issue have fixed in my device.
    Edit > Project Settings > Player >  check the Virtual Reality Supported checkbox
    There have two values under the checkbox : Oculus and OpenVR.
    (Not sure why there have two values, but i do not remember changed it before) with Oculus have been default selected.
    It looks like not only selected will work but need to move Oculus to the top, which default OpenVR at top before.
    After i moved Oculus to the top, the issue have fixed, and i can catch the controller event finally.
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