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Request: Home for devs

In light of the massive changes brought on by home 1.31 i feel this is worth bringing forward.

I know its a big ask but i think now more than ever it would be a massive help to developers to be able to access a slimed down version of home akin to the pre core 2.0 update with control over mandatory updates.
My top reasons:
1) being forced to update with no warning can cause serious issues when deploying a build for important events such as trade shows or investor demos. Ive personally had multiple events along these lines turn into last minute scrambles to resolve game breaking issues that did not exist prior to a forced update. This is incredibly disruptive to development and causes many problems that we shouldnt have to deal with.

2) Multiplayer testing on a single machine is now a frustrating endeavour due to input now being limited to a single instance of an application. While most cases of mp development do require multiple machines for adequate testing, there are so many cases where rapid deployment and testing by a single dev is all thats required to replicate, test and resolve a bug.

Im not in any way trying to put down the current version of home as i think its an amazing step forward for VR but when ease of development becomes more difficult than it was in previous versions it can be very frustrating.

I hope to hear thoughts from other developers and oculus regarding this. I love working with the rift, id just love it even more if we had greater control over how the software behaves


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 960
    @imperativity i meant to post this in general development, would you mind moving it? Thanks
  • HanLuckyVRHanLuckyVR Posts: 1
    edited October 2018
    While Oculus home 1.26 was live, we were able to simulated multiplayer on a single machine by running multiple instances. To test our game we simple made build, ran multiple instances. All instances accepted input, testing was easy and straight forward.

    With 1.27 release, This was no longer possible. Only one instance accepted input at a time. To work around, we did the following steps. Open 3~4 instances, do some stuff on one instance, click  on another instance to change focused application; however, we had to opt out of Rift Core 2.0 Beta. While opt in for Core 2.0, switching between instances (changing focused application window) was prevented.

    Now 1.31 is live, we can no longer opt out from Core 2.0. Simulating multiplayer on a single machine is no longer possible. To test 8 player game we need 8 machines.

  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 960
    HanLuckyVR is my QA lead, he can best relay information here
  • OddButAwesomeOddButAwesome Posts: 4
    edited October 2018
    Hi all,

    Thanks @MikeF for the invite. 

    Using Unity, Playmaker, VRTK (inc DGD PM actions) and Rift w/ touch. Had touch triggers working as expected then had to rejig things (with the help of another poster on these boards cheers @LuluviBritainia) after the update last Friday,  just got it working again 10 minutes ago. In reality it was always working but somehow the update exposed something in my structure. 

    Fully agree with the first point on the post - forced updates without warning are not awesome. The option to go back a version on all major updates would be nice. Even if it is a caveat emptor - no support scenario. I would be happy with that. 

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