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Custom Objects for home - How do you do Transparent objects (glass)

Hi, I've been modelling stuff in Blender and exporting to Oculus home and I've had a lot of success bringing in my own objects with textures in the GLB format. BUT!! .. Glass is a real pain in the ass because it actually doesn't work. There's no simple way to have a glass shader with glb. I've tried a million different ways to do it and the best I've ended up with is a highly reflective, slight dark shader that comes with a tonne of static that looks like VHS fuzz ... which isn't very flattering.

Can you tell me how one is supposed to do glass .. or anything that's meant to have high alpha channel transparency. Clearly it can be done as multiple Oculus objects have glass textures.

I'd rather like to develop custom objects for Oculus and knowing how to do glass with the glb format in blender would be a very helpful thing.



  • RobotMamaRobotMama Posts: 3
    Hey Scott,

    I am fighting with the same issue, from your post I figured you already got at least a basic transparency working is that right?  If so, can you tell me how you did it it? I tested tons of things and actually when I open my glb in sketchfab or the windows native 3d apps the transparency is working, but when I use the glb in oculus home the objects are opaque, I also checked the gltf alphamode is clearly setup to blend.

    Any help would be great, I am trying to get windows for my house working. I do have Cinema4d as well as 3DSMax, so recommendation for either of the tools is fine.
  • RobotMamaRobotMama Posts: 3
    Ok the second I finished writing this, I got the idea of testing the following: I copied my house glb file from the folder for the home presets to the general _import folder just to check if loading it as a normal oculus home item works. And voila as an oculus home item the transparency is there, so my glb file is correct but Home Presets do not support transparency yet or are still buggy.
  • Jokergod2000Jokergod2000 Posts: 302
    Nexus 6
    Yep, Home objects do not support transparency. Also less support for the way emmisive items are formatted. Also metallic and glossiness seems to work differently.
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