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Anyone using Carmack vr5kplayer tool?

Hi all, any of you have any experience producing content for the GO using Carmack's dynamic 5k video tool? We've been working with it to "port" some RIFT vr experiences to Go (creating a passive, video-based version) and have been running into a few issues related to GO memory limits, with .apks crashing out with videos longer or at higher bitrates than a certain level, audio looping broken etc. Anyone else run into similar issues or figured out any workarounds?

We ended up getting 5k source clips at 27000 kbps working up to ~ 1:50 in length, but anything longer/higher in bitrate ends up creating an .apk that is >800mb and crashes on launch.

Android logs say I'm running out of memory, though I'm unsure how the henry5k experience and Felix and Paul Jurrassic Park apps (both made with this tool) are getting around this, each being much longer/greater in size.


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