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VR "Hold" Screen for gallery Instal

bentoonbentoon Posts: 10
edited October 2018 in Unity Development

Hello All,

I've done a search but @imperativity has come closest to an answer 

I have a VR piece in a gallery installation. It's using an Oculus with the display on a large monitor.

When nobody uses it, the screen goes blank and I am wondering whether I can have a new scene (splash screen) play when nothing happens for 30 seconds. 

Originally I thought of a the "splash screen" scene, when the user picks up anything, it would trigger the "Main scene" ?

Forgive my Pseudo code, but :

     void OVRInput.FixedUpdate()     {     if (nothing happens for 30 seconds)     {      application.LoadLevel(splashScreen);     }     }

And then if the user pick up the controllers/ head set :

   void OVRInput.FixedUpdate()     {     if(anything happens)     {      application.LoadLevel(Main);     }     }


The problem would be if it is a normal VR Piece it will not look like anything when the user removes the HMD as it's not looking at the ground and away from action

Is there a way I could turn on / off the VR Mode earn the HMD is not engaged ? 

This might be a super elegant solution

Thanks for your help!

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