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The console command ovrversion returns nothing? Errors with running as dedicated server.

JohnSahharJohnSahhar Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member
For some reason the command ovrversion returns nothing for me in 4.20

I've double checked, my oculus plugin is up-to-date, I've got the proper drivers installed, my app runs fine in VR Preview.

When I run as a packaged game, VR preview with dedicated server, Standalone game, or PIE, the app breaks. OVRVERSION returns nothing.


  • JohnSahharJohnSahhar Posts: 6 Oculus Start Member
    vr.HMDVersion returns the following:

    [2018.10.30-17.32.24:806][478]Cmd: vr.HMDVersion
    [2018.10.30-17.32.24:806][478]4.20.3-4369336+++UE4+Release-4.20, OVRPlugin: 1.25.0
    [2018.10.30-17.32.24:807][478]LogSlate: FSceneViewport::OnFocusLost() reason 2
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