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AvatarSDK without PlatformSDK Reloaded...

As with the previous message on this topic I would like to implement Avatars without Platform SDK. From looking through the AvatarSDK (1.29.0 ) I can re-create the network traffic for driving the movement/voip etc but need an actual mesh to test against. The blog post states "we've created 12 default avatars (included in the Unity sample)" however I'm unable to find any assets in the Unity sample...am I missing something? Even better would be making the default avatars available in fbx or something... Alternatively as a longshot are the avatars embedded as a resource in the actual SDK somewhere that can be retrieved via a call into the SDK? 

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding...? 



  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 474
    there should be an included scene with 12 avatar game objects. Each one of those has the ID pasted into the inspector oculus ID var
  • CogSimGuyCogSimGuy Posts: 32
    Brain Burst
    To dig somewhat deeper into actual avatar data returned via the specification and assets...can someone map out the relationships with respect to the combined mesh and regular mesh as well as normal versus V2 layouts? The sdk header shows the differences in the vertex formats so what I mean is is this a legacy thing? Also for the texture assets (just about to dive into those) is the data body for the DXT1 and DXT5 textures include the dds header information or only the image payload...?
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