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Oculus Go casting. Why can't we cast developer builds?

QixQix Posts: 90
Hiro Protagonist
Very disappointed to see we can't use the casting feature when developing. 
Would haven been perfect when showing demos to clients. Being  able to see what they are looking at and walking them through the scene. it would also be great for developing.instead of passing  the headset around team members can watch together. Screen recording also is disabled.


  • jinzayjinzay Posts: 5
    Jes, i want to know why this is not a feature? Reasoning? Can we enable it somehow?
  • ATM_UnityATM_Unity Posts: 5
    How does one enable the casting feature for an build/application? Is it enabled by default?
  • VR-Lab-nlVR-Lab-nl Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    A possible workaround for casting in dev mode try this screen copy tool: https://github.com/Genymobile/scrcpy

  • nasawhynasawhy Posts: 4
    We need this badly as well. Is there anything we can do in our Unity projects to allow this?
  • imperidalimperidal Posts: 1
    I really hope they have a way for us to enable this feature.  Need this soo bad.
  • NormarkNormark Posts: 14
    Casting would be very nice to use in developing. Cast unknown sources would be a nice feature, casting to Chromecast would be very very nice. :-)
  • VisualiseraVisualisera Posts: 2
    edited January 8
    Just publish your app trough an Release Channels on Oculus Store and taadaa, share!
  • gagagugagagu Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    Hi, our App in only for Business use on several fairs so it will never be released on Oculus store. To give our salesman a better Position to instruct the customer by using the Oculus go, it would be nice to cast out Oculus Go Sales App to the Salesman's phone. How is is possible?
    Out App is written with Unreal.
  • inter-punktinter-punkt Posts: 1
    Hi, @gagagu same Problem here.
    Basicly i used https://github.com/Genymobile/scrcpy but its not Customer friendly. For that i created a small App on Windows to break the things a little bit down.
    1. Connect OculusGo with cable, start Tool by double Click
    2. Windows prompt open and display: "Disconnect OculusGo Cable + click any Key"
    and done, window opens on Screen and shows the Stream.

    So basicly the App handles write and read actions for you, not perfect but more Customer friendly. pathes are currently hardcoded and other things not allready done, but it works.

    I link next Post if you will give that a try..

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