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Oculus Go - App Relaunch Freeze

SkulltullazSkulltullaz Posts: 31
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edited October 2018 in Unreal Development
When I initially launch a new project from UE4 (either 4.19 or 4.20) onto the Go, it runs successfully. After I close out of it and attempt to re-run it from the Unknown Sources tab, it will hang on a blank screen for 20 to 30 seconds and eventually a message will pop up saying that it has stopped responding.  I can press the home button multiple times to exit out of the app and attempt to relaunch it. Sometimes it may relaunch successfully, but if I continue to close out of it and re-open it, then it will eventually freeze again. I think this is an issue with the Oculus Go because someone else also reported a similar issue using Unity, while I have been using Unreal.

I found similar issues reported here:

- Make a new empty project
- Save the default map
- Configure project settings for Oculus Go
- Launch the app
- Close the app
- Relaunch the app from Unknown Sources
- If the relaunch succeeds, close the app and relaunch it.

In the file logcat_output and about the time the line "10-29 12:44:39.361" is written is when I relaunch the app and it freezes.

I downloaded version 4.21 of the Unreal Engine and tried again, but this time I received SurfaceView errors when I attempted to relaunch the app. In the file logcat_ue4_4.21, about the time the line "10-30 15:02:43.316" is written is when I relaunched the app and it froze.


  • SkulltullazSkulltullaz Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    Thanks, the launcher version along with CodeWorks for Android
  • jinzayjinzay Posts: 18
    Facing the exact same problem with Unreal Engine 4.22
  • jinzayjinzay Posts: 18
    The Relaunch freeze still affects 4.22. It does not occur on the Oculus Unreal Engine Verison!
  • Leon-VR-LabLeon-VR-Lab Posts: 11
    jinzay said:
    The Relaunch freeze still affects 4.22. It does not occur on the Oculus Unreal Engine Verison!
    I have found the same thing. Relaunch freezes in stock 4.22 but not when you build the Oculus Unreal Engine 4.22 from source (downloaded from Github).

    I have been looking at the log files and I think the issue is that the app does not seem to end when you close it (there should be a bunch of log lines then, but they never disappear). Using adb it is possible to kill the process after which you can start it again. Also an adb uninstall followed by adb install (so a re-install) does the trick.

    Not sure why this is happening or where, but I hope the standard 4.22 will be updated to fix this. A build from source on my iMac takes a very long time (so I let it run overnight).
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