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Avatar SDK and SteamVR for unity

OccurosOccuros Posts: 1 Oculus Start Member
We are planning to use the Avatar SDK in combination with the steam vr integration of unity.

The head tracking appears to work well, but we were unable to have the hands being displayed (hand renderer can't be activated).

We tried multiple combinations, but as soon as we replace the OVRCamerarig with the steam vr camera rig, the hands don't seem to be displayed on the avatar (first and third person view)

Are we missing something in particular to have the Avatar SDK work cross-platform with the steam vr unity integration?

Any help or an example project would be appreciated.

Versions used:

- Steam VR: 2.0.1
- Oculus Avatar SDK 1.29.0


  • steve.hoellesteve.hoelle Posts: 4 Oculus Staff
    Avatar hands are hidden when there's no input data. If you wire up your OpenVR controller input in OvrAvatarLocalDriver.cs, you should be good to go.
  • treeviewstudiostreeviewstudios Posts: 39
    Brain Burst
     how do you "wire up"? any method like "SetRightHandTransform(Transform t)" or something like that?.
  • saravana_vinssaravana_vins Posts: 16
    How to be working Head tracking in steamVR headset

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