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How to handle localization (i.e. languages)?

JoeS2018JoeS2018 Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
I'd like to add support for multiple languages to our app (especially Japanese, as John Carmack pointed out that the Go is selling like hotcakes there).  But I'm having trouble figure out how to do that in the "Oculus" way.

This page in the SDK docs seems to suggest that there is something called "Language Packs" which the user can download and install on a per-app basis.  How do I create and upload one of those?  And then, once I've gotten an ovrLanguagePackInfo in my app, how do I use it?  The docs only show me how to get the name/code of the language, which isn't super useful, unless I'm meant to bake all the strings for each language into the app itself?


  • JoeS2018JoeS2018 Posts: 28 Oculus Start Member
    Note: I have found the "Languages" section of the Build dashboard, but this appears to apply to localizing the store descriptions and keywords.  My question here is about localizing the app itself.
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