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Native Dialogue Windows not displaying correctly on GO

Thunderbox.EntThunderbox.Ent Posts: 40 Oculus Start Member
Hi there.
When I call a native dialogue window in my app, it doesn't display correctly on Oculus Go!
The dialogue box appears, but it is on the far left of the left eye, and the far right of the right eye.
And also green.
And unclickable.
(And doesn't show up in screenshots, so I can't show you!)
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


  • Thunderbox.EntThunderbox.Ent Posts: 40 Oculus Start Member
    Thanks for getting back to me on this!
    I tried to take a screenshot and it just didn't work.
    It's such a weird thing, I thought that if anyone had seen it before they might be able to help.
    I do have an Oculus Rift. Let me know what info I can get you and I will send it over ASAP.
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