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How to open the store page for your app?

Thunderbox.EntThunderbox.Ent Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
edited November 5 in Mobile Development
Hi there,
Apologies for the barrage of questions, but development on our first Oculus Go title is hotting up and there is much we don't know!

Anyway, I am trying to add a link to our app's store page, so that users can rate it (similar to how we do it on the iOS and Android versions).

After trawling the documentation and forums, I can't find any concrete examples of how to do this, so I though I would ask here:

How do you you open the store page for your app, from within your app?

I am guessing a deep link to the store would be the best way, but what parameters would we need to pass to Platform.Application.LaunchOtherApp?

Thanks in advnace for your continued assistance!



  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 3,465 Oculus Staff

    As your application is a mobile app, you can take advantage of our app-to-app deeplinking feature to accomplish this behavior. Check the documentation out here.

    From the documentation above:

    Once you've made the request, check to see if the target application was launched successfully. The request will only succeed if the user is both entitled to (owns) and has installed the target app. If the user does not own the app, or has not downloaded the app, they will be directed to the product information page in Oculus Horizon where they can purchase and download the app.

    Please tag me @imperativity in your forum post/response if you need immediate assistance or want additional support or context on an issue you are having with our software or integrations.

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  • Thunderbox.EntThunderbox.Ent Posts: 17 Oculus Start Member
    edited November 7
    Thank for getting back to me - help on this is much appreciated!
    What I am having trouble working out are the parameters for...
    ovr_Application_LaunchOtherApp(<app_id>, options);
    ...where <app_id> needs to be the Oculus store and  options needs to be the store page for my app.

    Does that make sense?

    Thanks once again for your help!
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