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Oculus Quest design, Everything i do for RIFT works on quest?

darviousdarvious Posts: 2
Hello guys,im making an RPG for Oculus Quest,my focus is on Oculus Quest on first steps, im studying the controller for it, its same as rift but doesnt have Sensor to thumb, also i want to know if everything im making on UE4 for Rift works for quest ?
The sensors buttons will be on Quest too?

Ofcourse i have questions for oculus quest like (USB C can receive from External Powerbank) ?
But its a technical question

Also about development: how can we test our gamers on quest? I hope we can plug USB C to avoid export everytime we develop it,please oculus think on devs like me that doesnt have an RIFT to help develop for a Quest.

And if i buy a Normal Quest version instead of try to get a developer version,can i develop for it with the help of Consumer version,or there is a way to get my developer version ? Where do i sign?

Thank you guys! i know many questions are more headed to oculus but the Gamedesign is very important as we have about 1 year for Quest be launched and i do love to have an VR that i can bring anywhere and make people happy with a brand new content.. im making this RPG thinking on it and the more you guys can help the better it will be,its for US... i want to make a game that i will love to play too.

PS: Oculus documentations helps much,its more easy than try to develop for PSVR for sure. Thank you!!!


  • darviousdarvious Posts: 2
    Hello, sorry for answer too much later,to be honest i got involved on Project that i forgot i posted this question here.
    THanks for answer me.
    So im happy that you can share these information with me.
    About Rift and quest.. i asked because i want to develop for both, but i want that my game comes first to Quest, them i open to Rift owners and later to every VR gamer... i want to everyone enjoy this game as well.

    So im very happy to know that Oculus Quest is very welcome between people, as well as me. When i saw Oculus Connect keynote i got very hyped because it give player freedom and i want to develop something that everyone can ''Walk '' on this virtual world... but to bring this idea to reality i will need to hands on an Oculus Quest, but i dont want to loose time, im developing enviroments,characters, all i can until it launchs,when launched i will try my best to buy an Oculus Quest unity, them lets develop and bring my game to reality and them bring gamers to a new world.

    Again thank you for all, i cant wait to see more on next days to come.
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