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API for configuring Guardian Boundary

lampo100lampo100 Posts: 1

I am currently beginning my adventure with development for Oculus and I have been stuck on particular problem for which I cannot find an answer.
I've been looking through Libovr reference in search of some way to change Guardian outer boundary and play area. All I have found so far is ovr_GetBoundaryDimensions() which returns boundary dimensions but no corresponding setter for it.
I know that it should be possible to do such a thing, because there exists Guardian Boundary Editor made by NeoZeroo from emuvr team which does exactly that. You set up some points that make your boundary and then it overrides the area that was created manually during the user's configuration. Still I have no idea if that was made using existing API or if there exists some Oculus configuration file which holds parameters from users' configuration.

Does anyone know how could I possibly override existing boundary configuration?

Thank you for your help,


  • owenwpowenwp Posts: 676 Oculus Start Member
    edited November 2018
    It would defeat the purpose. The application has no way of knowing how big the player's room is, and certainly can't modify its physical dimensions. Allowing an application to change the guardian would make it unsafe.

    Editor applications like those cheat by modifying files and/or registry entries directly. Which might be fine for their purposes as an expert user tool, but VR apps themselves should never attempt it.
    Sanzaru - Programmer
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