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Mobile Build Upload Error & Infinite Loop

zulmanzulman Posts: 35 Oculus Start Member

Web upload as well as ovr-platform-util.exe doesn't work anymore for us. It always get into infinite loop with steps 1/3 2/3 3/3 1/3 2/3 3/3... Please find log file attached.

Logs are full of stack traces like:

"stack_trace":"at [eval]:18:1658\nat a ([eval]:16:506)\nat [eval]:16:652\nat [eval]:16:450\nat Object._log ([eval]:18:1997)\nat [eval]:18:1046\nat a ([eval]:16:506)\nat [eval]:16:652"

Command we use: 

ovr-platform-util.exe upload-mobile-build --app_id 1757522977679878 --app_secret %secret% --apk R8-Android-Shipping-armv7-es2.apk  --channel "ALPHA" --notes "tralala"



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