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Videos are not showing

eco_editoreco_editor Posts: 11

I have a scene with 4 videos, they play all together.
I noticed that when theres only one video at a time the application shows them.
When all play together the application will not render them.

Is this issue familiar to you with OculusGo or Android?



  • eco_editoreco_editor Posts: 11
    @imperativity hi!

    I've downgraded the video size, and  now 2 of them are playing, and fail when the third video is supposed to play. 
    I did the logcat and got this output:

  • eco_editoreco_editor Posts: 11
    Also when looking at the logcat on videos that did play it seems there's some error there:
    1. omx-vdec-1080p: Does not handle dataspace request
    2.omxNodeInstance: getConfig (2300115:qcom.decoder.vp8, ?? (0x7f000062)) ERROR: UnsupportedSetting (0x80001019)

    Maybe I have wrong API setup in unity? 

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