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The app does not meet the standards to be included in the Oculus Store

dev-testdev-test Posts: 7
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edited November 2018 in Store Submissions

After several try to get our application published on the oculus store, each one of them failed, ended up with a keys only version.
Since I didn't know the exact reason of this disapproval, I sent an e-mail to [email protected] Sadly, their answer didn't bring more details.
I still don't know what are the "standards" my app does not reach.
Any idea how could I get more detailed informations?

My goal here is to improve and change the necessary in my app to meet those Oculus store standards.
I attached a screen shot of the corresponding e-mail.



  • dev-testdev-test Posts: 7
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  • TadinTadin Posts: 318
    You might want to try the Dev forum, this is a community forum and there are no Oculus support guys on here, at least in an official capacity.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,552 Volunteer Moderator
    I moved it to the dev board.
  • PAaltoPAalto Posts: 87 Oculus Start Member
    I don't know what your app does, not what the actual internal Oculus Store guidelines are, but I remember there is this sentence in the store guidelines. Does this have any relation to your app?

    "We generally do not accept applications that only present a small number of 2D videos, nor apps that are a wrapper for a single 360 video."
  • nat42nat42 Posts: 15
    Is this the app that Intel tweeted about, suggesting it could display 8K streaming 360 video in the Go? Carmack suggested 5K was as high as the Go could go, perhaps there were legitimate issues found in testing? Maybe not too much heating or not making frame rate?
  • TruthveyorTruthveyor Posts: 86 Oculus Start Member
    @dev-test , did you get a more detailed feedback from the Oculus Submissions Team about what's wrong with the app or suggestions of what should be fixed?

    Did you open a support ticket?  If you did, when did you open it?
  • dev-testdev-test Posts: 7
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    edited June 2019
    Hi @Truthveyor, we've just opened a support ticket. Since it seems to be more related to product issues, we're not expecting much from there. We will post here any update we get.

    @nat42 Indeed, this is from our technology. Here is an article about it:

    @PAalto Our application contain way more than just one video.
    We stream high quality 360VR productions with a low bitrate requirement.
    Then, this guidelines are respected.
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