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Unknown Sources and Casting

GeomediaGeomedia Posts: 2
edited November 2018 in General Development
We are developing a non-distributed app that will only be installed locally on an Oculus Go.  We want to cast this app but are unable to because the app resides in the "Unknown Sources" tab which makes the casting feature unusable. How can this be accomplished?


  • ERap320ERap320 Posts: 1

    You need to have an application that is residing in your release channel to enable casting feature on our platform.
    Sorry for the possibly dumb question, I am still in the early development phases and don't know about the channels you are talking about, but I undestand it has to do with deployment to the store.
    To make it clear, are you saying there is absolutely no way to cast an application (with the included feature) that is purely an "unknown sources", and doesn't have a published previous version?

  • campmdabtcampmdabt Posts: 1
    Please answer the above question. There is no information available to developers regarding casting, and the walled garden mindset Oculus has taken leaves developers in the cold. We need to know what is happening and why, otherwise we get customers yelling at us when unexpected things happen because we don't get details about how features work.
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