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Developing for Oculus and using "Stereo Display (non head-mounted)" SDK.

SatsarkSatsark Posts: 3
I'm a being made to develop a VR game through my school program.
I don't have the money for, or the interest to dish out 400 bucks for a rift (I get motion sick very easily). 

From reading other forums it seems like The "Stereo Display (non head-mounted)" virtual reality SDK option under player settings is the best way to emulate using an Oculus to test a VR game in Unity. (a weirdly difficult piece of information to find)
I'm trying to use this method so I won't have to go to class everytime I want to test out my game.

As of right now all I can do is move using WASD. I can't find anyway to emulate looking around, and even though I have the avatar stuff set up, I don't see any hands. Is there any way to actually test the functionality of a unity game for Occulus Rift without a headset, and without installing some giant third-party asset?

Thanks to anyone ahead of time for any help I get.
I paid for and followed another toturial that turned out to be horribly outdated (never got any responses from my questions) and now I have less then a couple of weeks to get a VR game prototype set up. 
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