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Some post processing effects doesn't work with VR.

OliverxllOliverxll Posts: 2
I am using the post processing version 2.1.0 and the latest Oculus Integration with Unity from the asset store. Unity version is latest official release, 2018.2.17f1.

Extra packages installed:
- Lightweight RenderPipeline     3.0.0
- RenderPipeline Core               3.0.0
- Shadergraph                            3.0.0
- Post processing                       2.1.0
- OpenVR                                   1.0.0

More specifically said, we just want bloom to work but we can't seem to do so without having to set the intensity so high that our editor gets whitened out, and only then, you can see a slight bloom effect in the VR.
HDR is enabled.


  • OliverxllOliverxll Posts: 2
    It's been fixed. So to anyone with an issue like this for future reference. Make sure you have OVR Manager on and enabled MSAA on the script.
  • vikneshtkvikneshtk Posts: 12
    I hope your were using Rift. I may have to use PP stack soon for a project which need few effects. Btw, can you list the effects that were working for your?
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