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BUG in Oculus GO with Avatar SDK not showing OPENGL NATIVE PLUG-IN ERROR

Hello Oculus community, i just found out that in Unity 2018.2.14f there is a bug with Avatar SDK, when you open the cross platform sample scene in the oculus integration pack, in the oculus go you wont see the avatars, if you set the textures to ASTC they will appear shortly and then disappear , but the hands will be showing.

In the logcat i get :  OPENGL NATIVE PLUG-IN ERROR: GL_INVALID_VALUE: Numeric argument out of range
 Graphics.CopyTexture with a region will not copy readable texture data for compressed formats (source texture format 50)

I am going to test Unity 2018.3 beta to check if it works, if anyone has any idea whats happening ...


  • imperativityimperativity Posts: 3,587 Valuable Player

    I have forwarded this request on to our Avatars SDK team for their review and will be back with any guidance or work-arounds they may have for this issue.
  • treeviewstudiostreeviewstudios Posts: 12
    Ok i got the avatar working, i can see them and stuff, but the floor is wrong, they are like 1 meter down.
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