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Can't get an input from the Oculus Touch Menu button in UE 4.13.2 *RESOLVED*

VR.ShacklerVR.Shackler Posts: 59 Oculus Start Member
edited December 2018 in Unreal Development
Hi, I am trying to allow the Touch menu button to open/close the options scene in my project but I'm unable to receive an input from it?
Currently using UE Version 4.13.2 - Oculus Input is enabled in plugins and is listed as Version 1.0. The Menu button works in Oculus home.
I am using gamepad special right as the event but I have also set up an any key event input hooked up to a print string and menu is the only button not executing the string?
*n/m I transitioned the project to a newer engine version which fixed the issue*
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