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Shake headset to reset?

loudog121loudog121 Posts: 2
Hey friends, 
I am working on a app for the Oculus Go that will be used in a expo setting. The app will play a 360 experience then when the user is done will hand the Oculus Go back to the Booth rep. The booth rep will then shake the headset to reset it. I am using Unity to create the 360 experience and wondered if there is a good way to use the accelerometer within the headset to reset the scene.



  • The_BaeThe_Bae Posts: 2
    Instead of shaking I'd recommend resetting the app as soon as the headset is taken off using the OVRManager.HMDUnmounted event to which you can subscribe.
  • MikeSwansonMikeSwanson Posts: 38
    Brain Burst
    We do something similar, though I'd add that you probably don't want to reset as soon as the headset is taken off, as that happens naturally when someone readjusts the HMD, headphones, strap, etc. You should probably add a 5-10 second grace period between unmount/remount events.
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