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Oculus hands and controllers show PINK using Unity VR Lightweight Pipeline

Brain Burst
I wonder if some one can help me with this problem.
Im using Unity 2018.2.17 - VR Lightweight pipeline.

The problem is that the VR Lightweight pipeline only accepts the Lightweight Pipeline Standard shader. Anything else is just put on a PINK color.

You cant (to my knowledge) change the hand material to the right one so they will display the typical blue. In other objects, you just change the shader type in the material settings...
This also happens with the controllers, they are in beautiful pink.

Please help :):smile: I am desperate to get the "usual" materials for the hands and touch controllers. I am very surprised they dont work straight - the new VR Lightweight pipeline is going to be huge for VR and the new games in Quest. I have already tested that it can handle better FPS than the normal 3D Template.

Thanks all for your inputs.


  • LEGEND-XLEGEND-X Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    Thanks for your reply.
    I tried to apply your method, but the version of the Oculus Integration available right now from the Asset Store is newer than the one you have made your fix. I did find the script but its radically different that yours. I really hope I am wrong and that you can give me a hand! :smile: I wonder if Oculus will make an update of their integration with unity so that the VR lightweight pipeline can be used with their standard avatars, which are amazing.
  • SaintGabriellSaintGabriell Posts: 7
    Hey, I'm not sure if this is still an issue you are having or not, and while not a perfect system this worked for my needs. all i did was create a script that grabs the newly spawned hands and changes their material.

    heres the script. hope it helps

    // i assigned this to the OVR player controller.

      public Material mat; // this is the mat you want the hands changed to.

        private GameObject handLeft;
        private GameObject handRight;

        void Update()
            // find and grab the hand objects
                handRight = GameObject.Find("hand_right_renderPart_0");
                handLeft = GameObject.Find("hand_left_renderPart_0");

                        // if i've found the hands change the texture
                if(handRight !=null && handLeft !=null)
                    handLeft.GetComponent<Renderer>().material = mat;
                    handRight.GetComponent<Renderer>().material = mat;
                    Destroy(GetComponent<handMatChange>()); // remove this script so it stops running.

  • LEGEND-XLEGEND-X Posts: 13
    Brain Burst
    thanks a lot!! really.

    I will try it asap!
  • martin.hoglundmartin.hoglund Posts: 2
    we're also waiting to develop in URP - any roadmap?
  • BLANX.deBLANX.de Posts: 10
    I tried to build my own shader for URP and for basic features it was not so complicated, but struggled with integrating the masks for the face.
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