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Oculus hands and controllers show PINK using Unity VR Lightweight Pipeline

nexvsnexvs Posts: 7
I wonder if some one can help me with this problem.
Im using Unity 2018.2.17 - VR Lightweight pipeline.

The problem is that the VR Lightweight pipeline only accepts the Lightweight Pipeline Standard shader. Anything else is just put on a PINK color.

You cant (to my knowledge) change the hand material to the right one so they will display the typical blue. In other objects, you just change the shader type in the material settings...
This also happens with the controllers, they are in beautiful pink.

Please help :):smile: I am desperate to get the "usual" materials for the hands and touch controllers. I am very surprised they dont work straight - the new VR Lightweight pipeline is going to be huge for VR and the new games in Quest. I have already tested that it can handle better FPS than the normal 3D Template.

Thanks all for your inputs.


  • citizen12citizen12 Posts: 23 Oculus Start Member
    edited December 2018
    The Scriptable Render Pipeline (which includes LWRP) is a whole different rendering pipeline for Unity.  The "right" way to fix this is for Oculus to update their Unity asset package to account for SRP as well as Standard rendering paths.  That seems unlikely to happen while LWRP is still in preview.

    A super-quick dirty hack to make the pink hands go away is to just replace the Oculus shaders with ones that work for LWRP.  Assuming you're on PC, ou can do this with a one-line change in OvrAvatarSkinnedMeshRenderPBSV2Component.cs (v1.32) at line 36:

            var singleComponentShader = "OvrAvatar/Avatar_Mobile_SingleComponent";
          //  var singleComponentShader = "OvrAvatar/Avatar_PC_SingleComponent";
            var singleComponentShader = "Lightweight Render Pipeline/Simple Lit"; // LWRP HACK

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