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Oculus GO Video 360 freeze & crash after reload

JoRangersJoRangers Posts: 2 Oculus Start Member

I am facing an issue with my video 360 on Oculus GO and unity.

My issue :
I have a simple scene with the unity video player inside (play on awake, loop check).
After multiples reloads of this scene, the app freezes.
From my tests, the crashes occur when the video player starts after 50 or 100 reloads of the scene or 15-30 minutes of use.

I use Unity 2017.4.14
I use the oculus SDK 1.29

My video has a resolution of 3480x1920.
Encode : h264 .mp4
The video is displayed in equirectangular 360 in mono
The video is captured with this asset :

For the video player I have tested :

- AVPro 1.9.6 (from asset store)

- the built-in unity video player

Projects with this issue :

On my main project, I use AVPro.
I have a video manager with the video player set as DontDestroyOnLoad
In some scenes, I get the video manager and play a video or replay a video for these scenes.
The issue appears around 30 videos played.
In this case, the app freezes a few seconds, then return to the Oculus GO Home.

I set my project settings with this link

I though AVPro media player was the problem, so I decide to test with the unity Interactive 360 Sample Project ( https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/essentials/tutorial-projects/interactive-360-sample-project-108974 )
I modify their example scene to have my video.
In their project, unity uses a video player per scene.

Unfortunately, the result is near the same as AVPro.
The app freezes but it never return to the Oculus GO Home.

I have tried to work on the video (decrease size and resolution) but the result is the same.

Have you any ideas, tips or more information on this type of issue ?

Thank you for the help !
Best regards


  • JoRangersJoRangers Posts: 2 Oculus Start Member
    Here is an adb logcat when my app freezes ( in attachment )
    In the log, the app freezes after this line :
    12-13 08:38:19.229 8862 8878 I Unity : NUMBER LOAD : 2

    I used the unity sample project with their video.
    Video details

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