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Oculus browser does not open Deep Links on Oculus Go

Hi everyone,

I am currently developing an app on Unity for multiple platforms, including Oculus Go and Google Cardboard. For my usage, I purchased a deep linking asset on the Unity Asset store, and it works perfectly on classical Android phones.
My issue is that those deep links don't do anything on the Oculus Go version of the app... I want to be able to open deep links from the Oculus Browser, but when a deep link is entered in it the only thing it does is adding slashes to it (the uri "myapp://function" becomes "myapp:////function", if I validate again it becomes "myapp://////function" and so on...)
The app version and link contents are exactly the same as the ones I tested successfully on Android as I just tested from the same build and the uris come from the same website.
I heard somewhere that something may be needed in the manifest but I'm not sure, and I don't see anything concerning this issue on the forums...

Can someone help me?

Thank you very much!


  • maxence.blmmaxence.blm Posts: 2
    @imperativity any idea on how to deal with this? I need to get an answer quickly in order to know if I should find an other way to do what I want (I have some clients that need this feature as soon as possible...)

  • MikeSwansonMikeSwanson Posts: 39
    Brain Burst
    In prior communications with Oculus regarding this issue (earlier this year), they indicated that the ability to launch an app with a URL scheme is currently missing. I haven't heard any updates since then.

    We also realized that it's difficult to actually get a URL onto the device, so we ended up building our own method to share content.
  • seb0038seb0038 Posts: 1
    Any news about this? This is very important to us as well, as it currently blocks adoption of a fleet of Oculus Go devices by one of our top customer (and more to come). The underlying reason is to pass a SSO token to our app. 

    Thanks in advance
  • ATM_UnityATM_Unity Posts: 6
    I know it has been a while, but wondering if anyone has had any luck with this since?
  • ramdin5ramdin5 Posts: 1
    If the user does not have that application installed, they will be taken to that app's page in the Oculus Store telldunkin.
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