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Build Fails for non-developers added to Release Channels

HMXNateHMXNate Posts: 1
Hi There,

We have just started running into a problem with adding new users to our release channels for a game that is in development.

Through the developer dashboard we can add oculus account usernames appropriately, and our title will appear as downloadable when searched for through Oculus home. However, the download and installation fails when attempting to actually run it.

The way that we have worked around this issue internally is to add the oculus account as a developer in our organization's member page, however we can't really do this when attempting to allow external partners and players.

Has anyone else come across this issue with release channels?
Is there a way to ensure a user can have access to a release channel for a game that is in development that does not involve adding them as a developer?

Thanks very much!
-Nate S.
QA Lead, Harmonix


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