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Getting Touch Controller Velocity

yoyoguyss1yoyoguyss1 Posts: 66
Hiro Protagonist
edited December 2018 in Unity Development

I have been trying to implement everything from the character controller and grabbing objects using touch controllers from scratch.

I have set up my player object such that when I want to rotate I rotate a parent object and not the camera itself since I have no access to it thanks to the way VR is implemented in Unity.

Now I am getting my Velocity for my Controller like this OVRInput.GetLocalControllerVelocity(RightOrLeftController) and this works fine.

But when I rotate camera and toss an object the physics works the opposite direction because I am guessing the controller velocity is relative (local) to parent object.

How do I get Controller Velocity with respect to the world and not local to an object?


  • vwingvwing Posts: 1
    Very late reply, but this post showed up in my google search soo...

    You need a reference to the tracking space (the parent of the hands) then just do trackingSpace.transform.TransformVector(OVRInput.GetLocalControllerVelocity(RightOrLeftController) 
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