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How to display two separate camera feeds under OVRCameraRig

I'm trying to display two separate camera feeds in Unity in real time, and I've been successful so far using WebCamTexture and two planes.

This was easy in basic Unity as I just needed to attach my script to the planes under MainCamera, but I was unsure how I could achieve the same results when using OVRCameraRig. I've currently got the two planes as children of LeftEyeAnchor and RightEyeAnchor and modified the scripts for each one. This setup seems to be problematic, however, as only the plane under LeftEyeAnchor displays the feed and the plane under RightEyeAnchor doesn't do anything. Could anyone point me in the right direction?


  • MikeSwansonMikeSwanson Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    Have you enabled Use Per Eye Cameras on OVRCameraRig? Also, have you created layers for your planes and updated the camera culling masks? Perhaps the Oculus script does this automatically...I don't recall.
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