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Stop touch controllers sleeping?

EndritPEndritP Posts: 6
edited January 2019 in Unity Development
Hello all.

In my Unity application, a lot of people who demo the app are quite inexperienced with VR and most tech (older generation). A lot of them struggle to get used to the touch controllers, and often don't rest their fingers on any buttons when they are using them. This causes the controller to be become inactive in Unity after about 2 seconds of not touching any buttons while holding it relatively still. If the left controller deactivates itself, then the right becomes the primary controller by default, and some functionality gets mixed up - the right trigger for instance will do what the left trigger was assigned to do. This is frustrating if they are using the right controller index trigger to do something while the left is still, and the left deactivates and suddenly that same right controller trigger performs the wrong action.

I looked around in the OVR player controller scripts etc. and haven't found any 'sleep' timer which dictates how long until the controllers sleep. I also haven't seen any settings in the Oculus home app which I can toggle, unless I missed something obvious... I want to avoid modifying the controller to make it not sleep, is there any other workaround that someone can suggest?

EDIT: I solved the problem. It was actually really simple :) I have to use OVRInput.rawbutton instead of button, to prevent it from switching around when one controller deactivates.
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