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App awaiting review for months

SaintGabriellSaintGabriell Posts: 7
i submitted my app for review on November 10th 2018 and its still says its awaiting review. it does however say it passed the Technical review tests. it says i can unsubmit and resubmit it but if theres actually a reason why is taking this long I dont want to drop back to the bottom of the que. Any thoughts or is anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance!


  • NinjaGGNinjaGG Posts: 234 Oculus Staff
    edited January 10

    Sorry for the delay, I've sent you a private message for more details. Closing this out as advice with these issues are on a case by case basis.
    If you need immediate help or want additional support/context on an issue you are having with our platform or integrations:

    1. Gather any and all logs, screenshots, and version numbers of relevant software (Oculus SDK, engine, etc.)
    2. Please submit a ticket here (include what you've gathered in step 1).
    3. Tag me @NinjaGaijin once you have done so!
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