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Mobile Avatars with "Start With Controllers" checked spawn with Touch controllers

Hi, I think this is a shortcoming with the Oculus Avatar SDK. I've noticed that the RemoteAvatar Prefab comes with a Touch controller skinned mesh built in, with no option to replace with either a GearVR or Oculus Go controller as can be done with the LocalAvatar Prefab. So this results in the other players on my mobile app having Touch controllers in their hands. Can we get an update to the Avatar SDK that allows for this?
Samsung Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon 835), Gear VR (2017), Oculus Go (64GB), Unity 2018.3.11f1


  • EranJordanEranJordan Posts: 2
    Joining this request.
  • Ross_BeefRoss_Beef Posts: 159 Oculus Staff
    Thanks for flagging! have added to our bug tracking. 
  • JacksonGordonJacksonGordon Posts: 130
    Have you tried dropping the crossVR manager and associated controllers into the avatar prefab?  I think you could just swap out the models you want instead of the default touch controllers, not positive though.
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