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What are the right settings for Oculus Go SPLASH Screen in Unity ?

PiflyonPiflyon Posts: 21 Oculus Start Member
I've set a custom splash screen in Player settings, but it look all crappy in the Go. I read everywhere, but no information about what are the optimal settings. Which format, size, resolution ?
Could you help me ?
Thank you. (Unity Plus licence).
Here are my current settings :


  • PAaltoPAalto Posts: 74 Oculus Start Member
    I haven't found any info about the recommended resolution of the splash screen either. I use the same settings as you, with a splash image of 512x512 pixels. The image is pretty small in my Gear VR display, but it did not get bigger when I tested with 2048x2048 image, so I guess that is just the size it gets shown at.

    In what way is your image all crappy?

    Also, it looks like you are not actually using Unity Plus (as the "Show Unity Logo" is grayed out). This should not have any effect on your issue, though.
  • PiflyonPiflyon Posts: 21 Oculus Start Member
    By crappy I mean like downsized without anti-aliasing. I will try with 512x512 (actually 1080p).
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