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Oculus Home inventory reset ?

GregosGregos Posts: 10
  Hi , i ve been testing a lot of importations in oculus home,and all went well untill a december oculus malfunction had me run the repair tool and i reinstaled all . Since then my home inventory bugs when i parse the imported items folder, wich still contains all of my work, always at the same point ,it freezes then reboots home. 
  I suspect it might be a bogus item ? 
  Is there a way to reset our inventory ? even if i have to reimport and replace all .
  Deleting items from /home folders doesn t erase them from inventory or rooms obviously. 
  Rebooting oculus app from the parameters/beta in the onscreen menu does temporary fix that prob by showing me an older inventory with some depreciated items.
  thx for any help and sorry for your time .

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