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Mirror Finger/Hand Movement

LagonasLagonas Posts: 2
Hello there,
I am currently working on a program, that´s supposed to support normal therapy for people with nerve lesions. For that I created a program with different funtcions. The last phase is supposed to show both hands to the user, but while flexing the fingers of the right hand, the fingers of the left should flex as well. The location of the hand in the room is supposed to be independent though. I am working with:
- Unity
- Oculus Integration
- Oculus Rift

Would be awesome, if someone can help me.
Much love,


  • LagonasLagonas Posts: 2
    Okay, I actually got it in case someone is interested:
    In the OVRAvatarLocalDriver-script you habe to change something in the CalculateCurrentPose function:
    You have to tweak the controllerLeftPose = GetControllerPose(OVRInput.Controller.LTouch)
    line. LTouch could for example be RTouch. That way it mirrors the fingermovement of the right hand. If you want it change it by event, you obviously have to use a variable to control it. Maybe this is helpful for someone :)

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