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Indie Developer Business Insurance?

The_AtomThe_Atom Posts: 2 Oculus Start Member
Hello Fellow Oculus Devs - Have any owners of independent game studios elected to purchase business insurance? I am curious how others are approaching this. Any advice or suggestions are welcome!


  • BloodyOculusBloodyOculus Posts: 19
    theres no such thing
  • Schneider21Schneider21 Posts: 49
    Brain Burst
    What is it you're trying to insure against?

    If you have a physical office space for your business, your real estate insurance (or renter's or whatever) will cover physical property. If you have employees, that's a whole other slew of insurance packages.

    If you're trying to protect your personal property from being considered assets in the event you're sued, that's what forming an LLC is for. That's not to say that you -- personally -- would be beyond contempt in any given court case, but forming a business entity is the first step, in any case.
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