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How to everything?

Hi there,
I've been trying for several days to connect my DK2 with Unity, so to be able to see my vr projects, while be in edit mode (not have to build it).
So far, I've achieved to connect the DK2 on my Mac and see the test-desk scene (utility app).
Here comes Unity:
I have downloaded and imported Oculus Integration 1.32.1 (latest version).
The "Sample Framework" does not exist anymore.
I have "played" any scene available in Oculus Integration 1.32.1 package.
I only got blinder and blinder...

So I ask for a simple step-by-step, up-to-date guide to set up DK2 for Unity and manage to see a simple sample project.
starting with display settings (should I be in Mirroring or extended mode?), packages downloaded and settings.
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