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Option To Disable Oculus Dash

HauntedFollyHauntedFolly Posts: 3
edited January 2019 in General Development
I'm sure this has been posted many times before, but that's part of why I'm posting this as well. I want the developers to hear this as much as possible.
Many users, myself included, have had a lot of performance issues since the release of Core 2.0 due to the Oculus Dash.
I can personally confirm that the Dash process consistently uses 25 to 30% of my CPU. Processing time that I desperately need back for my games to perform like they used to.
Please, Devs. Give us an option to disable the Dash feature. I barely use it, and it severally impacts my ability to play my favorite games. I know a lot of users enjoy it, so I'm not asking you guys to get rid of it completely. Just please give us a way to turn it off, for the players who's PCs aren't quite up to handling that extra CPU load.
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