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OVRCameraRig different fov when running without VR

rh_galaxyrh_galaxy Posts: 94 Oculus Start Member
edited January 24 in Unity Development
For debug purposes I want to be able to run without having Oculus Rift connected. The game starts ok, and displays in a window representative to the Oculus resolution, but the fov is way up, both horizontal and vertical, I see way more than what I do in VR. I have the camera in a parent object, but no scaling is done, and the view is just fine running with VR... why is there a difference? Should there be?

If I change the fov on the CenterEyeAnchor to one third (30 deg) in non VR it's about right... Is it a bug?

Unity 2019.1.0a14,
Oculus Integration 1.32.1 (don't have any problem with it after disabling some code lines that caused trouble).
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