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casting unity project oculus go

i used free unity and built a project from a tutorial. it turned out good but i can't cast it to my phone from my oculus go. how do i enable casting?

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  • andy.speirs.969andy.speirs.969 Posts: 19
    edited February 7
    I’m having the same problem, headset says can’t cast outside of headset when I try? And the recordings I make with the recorder on the go won’t play on my computer when I import them, only solution I’ve got for showing of unity in vr  is to render out a panoramic image and upload to veer / Facebook etc as a 360 photo, in veer  you can view it in vr from the go app.
  • JacksonGordonJacksonGordon Posts: 130
    You might need to enable "developer mode."  This is done on the mobile app on your phone under device settings.  There should be a little cast icon on the bottom menu once this is done.  Hope this helps!  The video compression was a little rough, and we were trying to then cast to a TV, which was unviable at this point.  Just to phone should work ok though!
  • CreaGOCreaGO Posts: 1
    Same problem, but i think it is not possible to cast an unpublished build.
    I really hope they would do it in a near future because i need it too, but searching around there is not an official way to do it at the moment.

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