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Possible to have the audio "on" even when not wearing the Headset?

citron4000citron4000 Posts: 5

I am looking for a way to have the audio output on in Unity even when not wearing the Oculus Rift.

Currently, if I have the headset on my head and I mirror the audio, I can hear it both on the speaker and the Rift headphone. When I take the headset off my head, the audio on the external speaker are off as well.

Is there a way to keep the speaker on?

I want to replay events that happen during a previous VR session, so the player has to take off the headset before to watch it.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • citron4000citron4000 Posts: 5
    edited February 5
    I tried to disable VR in Unity (XRSettings.enabled = false;), but still, if the headset is not active (IsUserPresent=true), the audio mirroring stops and no audio is played on the speaker.

    I tried both in the Unity Editor and in a build with the same result. runInBackground is set to true in Unity.

    Any idea? Next, I might try to explore FMOD and see if I can force constant mirroring even when the headset is not worn.
  • citron4000citron4000 Posts: 5
    I did solve it using the AudioStream asset on the Unity Store and redirecting output to the speakers instead of the Oculus.
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